Northeastern Pennsylvania Violent Crimes Defense Lawyer

Convictions of violent crimes that involve physical and sexual abuse are life-changing and can carry lifelong consequences including lifetime sex offender registration. High stakes require adept negotiation and litigation skills while focusing on the rights and best interests of the accused. Proactive legal representation is vital in investigations to build a strong, fact-based criminal defense.

For more than twenty-five (25) years, the Law Offices of Philip Gelso has represented residents of Northeastern Pennsylvania facing serious charges of:

The Need For An Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer Who Gets To The Facts

During initial consultations, Philip Gelso’s clients receive an honest assessment of the charges they face. From the possibility of jail time to the potential cost of handling violent crimes cases, questions are answered honestly based upon a thorough investigation and extensive research.

A defense attorney must take proactive steps to run a concurrent investigation of your charges. Through an in-depth fact-finding and expert investigation, weaknesses in the criminal case can often be discovered, such as unreliable witnesses, acts of self-defense or another party responsible for the crime. Attorney Philip Gelso attends to every detail and collaborates with seasoned and industry-respected investigators and experts to ensure the best defense for each client.

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