Northeastern Pennsylvania Grand Jury Proceeding Criminal Defense Attorney

For many federal or state crimes, a grand jury is empaneled to investigate a crime and determine whether there is enough evidence to recommend that charges be filed or an indictment to be issued. During the course of a grand jury proceeding, the federal, state or county grand jury may issue a subpoena to a person or company for the production of records and/or to appear before the grand jury to testify. Attorney Gelso works closely with clients who suspect they are under investigation and/or receive a grand jury subpoena in order to protect their rights and maximize every opportunity to avoid the filing of any criminal charges.

Aggressive Legal Advocacy During Grand Jury Proceedings

In addition to advising his clients on all aspects of a grand jury proceedings, Attorney Gelso conducts his own investigation, builds strong criminal defenses, assembles a team of respected and reputable experts if necessary to uncover information with the goal of ending the criminal process prior to filing of charges, preserving reputations and always protecting your rights and freedoms.

If charges are filed against you or an indictment is returned, Attorney Gelso will continue his zealous representation at trial mounting a highly effective defense in your case and protecting your rights. His thorough and individualized approach to criminal defense representation makes him a valuable asset to any client facing state or federal charges.